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At Liberty Secure Locksmiths we are always on-hand to give you the best in home and business security. If you have a faulty lock, a stuck lock or need to have locks replaced, we have the solution for you.

We supply and fit all the major UK and European brands, such as Chubb, ERA, Abloy, Ingersoll, Legge, and Yale. We also specialise in fitting extra-high quality, high security locks from manufacturers  such as Banhams and Bramah.

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Whatever your problem or concern we will do our best to minimise your risk and put your mind back at ease.

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How many people have a key to your property?

Are sure you’re the only one who does?

If a key is used during a burglary your insurer may NOT pay out if there is no evidence of forced entry.

Are you still sure you have every key to your home?

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Quick Yale-type lock and key change

Quick Yale-type Lock change: Only £30! If you've just moved in, or have just moved an ex-partner out, had a bag stolen or just lost a set of keys, this option gives you some immediate peace-of-mind. Includes fitting and 3 keys. Click the 'Add to Basket' button to order this lock and fitting now!

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We can make you secure and give you peace of mind again. Robbery by former tenants or owners is surprisingly common, often on the premise of  'Just checking for any post' so don't let it happen to you!

We specialise in fitting very high security locks to high-value residential property. It surprises many people to learn that their £1/2million pound property is 'protected' by a £20 lock that can be bypassed in seconds.

Insurers and the security industry recommend that you spend a minimum of just 1% of your property's value on security. We can take that 1% value and give you a fantastic security system, including the latest and most secure physical security on the market, coupled with access control systems and wireless CCTV systems. We work with specialist lock manufacturers, such as Chubb, Ingersoll, Bramah and Banhams to provide you the highest quality locks. For example, we supply and fit the Banhams M7 lock - the only lock the Health & Safety Executive allow to be used on explosive storage areas in the UK.

Read more on how we can help you secure your property HERE and don't forget our Special Offers page too!

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