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The Threat of Bump Keys to Home Security

You may have never heard of a bump key, but you can be sure that criminals have. In short, a Bump key enables a thief to open a Yale-type or uPVC door lock in seconds with no special tools. Lock picks are nothing new but is an art few criminals ever master. However, bump keys possess a new twist: they can be made in just a few minutes with no special tools, they are made from any common key and requires little skill to master.

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When a bump key is used in a burglary, there is very little physical evidence is left to be spotted by an untrained person. As a result, your insurance company - and maybe you too - will assume that you left the door ajar or unlocked and they will probably not pay out on your claim blaming you for not meeting your obligations to keep the property secure at all times. Have a quick look around you now and add up the value of everything you can see that could be stolen in a burglary - your computer, your mobile phone, your TV, your DVD's, your dog, your cash for a rainy day, your iPod, in fact anything at all and all packed up into your car (taken with the key or spare key you thought was safe in your house) and driven off. All of a sudden you're looking at a £20,000+ bill to replace everything. It's a sobering thought isn't it?
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Once a bump key is obtained - cut by hand or from almost any high street or DIY-store keycutter - it will open almost any lock that the key can physically fit into. In the UK, almost all the locks sold in DIY or hardware stores can be opened with just a few different bump keys. The method of opening these locks with a bump key is easily learned, takes only a little skill, makes little noise and is difficult for the Police to spot, even if they were to stop-and-search a suspected burglar. This is why the bump key threat is a growing problem to millions of homes and businesses in the UK.
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Unfortunately, the information on how to make them, and the sale of ready-to-use bump keys appears all over the internet, and as a result the problem affects locks all over the world. The first country to report crimes committed with a bump key was Germany, where the problem is now widespread. Within months of being widely posted on the internet, the first crimes using bump keys were occurring in the UK. There are now daily reports of bump keys being used in burglaries in the UK. Bristol and the surrounding areas are no exception.
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The bump key has been known for decades in the locksmith community, but has just recently surfaced on the internet. There are video sharing websites showing people opening their own doors in seconds with a bump key. There are even websites set up internationally selling these burglary tools. Auction sites sell them although they are prohibited items. Also bump keys are easily duplicated at the major key cutters / supermarkets / DIY stores since they look much like ordinary keys to the untrained eye.
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The bump key threat is real, and the time is now to be informed about the problem and have the opportunity to do something about it. The good news is that there are locks on the market which cannot be bumped open. Liberty Secure Locksmiths carry a large selection of high-security locks for your home and business that foil the bump key thieves. Although they may cost more than a common bumpable lock, the cost is around £75 to £300 -  it is a small expense compared to the average £1500 cost to the householder of being burgled, once insurance excesses, non-insured items and the very real possibility that the insurance company won't believe that you didn't leave the door unlocked are taken into account.
The final message is simple and some good news: Fit a bump proof lock to your door today as there are several locks that aren't vulnerable to bumping. Can you really afford not to have them on your doors?
For an individual quotation, please contact us by email or phone on 0800 88 24 132. We would need to visit your property for a no-obligation free survey to properly assess your needs and tailor the solution to your unique situation. All locks are supplied at an all-inclusive rate: includes the lock, fitting, VAT and labour costs - there are no hidden fees.
Currently we supply and fit these bump proof locks:

EVVA MCS (Magnetic Code System) -       

  • infinite key variations,      
  • uncopyable,
  • unpickable,
  • 100% bump key proof,
  • anti-drill face
  • protection against snapping.
EVVA 3KS (Three Curve System) -

  • bump key proof
  • un-pickable
  • very restricted key profile to stop unauthorised key duplication.
  • Protected against snapping and pulling
  • Anti-drill face

Abloy CY405 - one of the world's most secure locks for the domestic and commercial market.

  • Un-pickable,
  • restricted key profiles
  • 100% bump proof.
  • Replacement for Yale-type locks


Abloy CY315 - 100% bump proof Euro profile cylinder for uPVC doors and apartment doors.

  • Anti-drill face
  • 11 discs
  • un-pickable 
  • protection against unauthorised key duplication
  • Replacement for uPVC and apartment door locks