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How many people have a key to your new property?

Are sure you’re the only one who does?

A lot of those questions have answers that will be never be conclusively known - but if there is is even a slim chance of someone using a key to rob you, isn't it better to spend a little on giving yourself peace of mind?

It's a sad fact of life that there are people out there who watch closely for people moving into new homes, size up their possessions as the removers work and then burgle the house soon after. Upgrading your security should always be one of the things that you arrange as soon as you move in.

Also, if a key is used during a burglary your insurer may NOT pay out as there is no evidence of forced entry. Your insurers expect you to keep your property secure.

Are you still sure you have all the keys?

We can make you secure and give you peace of mind again. Robbery by former tenants or owners is surprisingly common, often on the premise of  "just checking for any post" so don't let it happen to you!

Spread the cost of upgrading your security

We know that moving home is an expensive time, which is why we offer our Quick range - simple, low cost but high quality locks - to make your new home secure in the short term and then work with you (and your budget) to build a much more secure solution over the coming months by spreading payments.


Read more on how we can help you secure your property HERE and don't forget our Special Offers page too!

If you have a BS3621:1980 or BS3621:1998 mortice lock, the British Standard no longer applies to these locks as they have been replaced by the latest BS3621:2004 British Standard - call us to have the latest version fitted to your door now and to keep your home insurance completely up-to-date. Alternatively, buy a new BS3621:2004 lock online with fitting included HERE

We can help right away with a FREE no-obligation security survey to help identify flaws in your new home or business security. Just click here or call us now and we can make arrangements to visit at a convenient time for you.

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