Locksmith Bristol 0800 88 24 132   

For an urgent response when you are locked out, call now on 0800 88 24 132 or 077 306 19066

We're open 24hrs a day, 7 days a week so we can help you when you need it most.

Weekday rate: £60 (24hr)

Weekend rate: £80 (Friday 9pm to Monday 6am)

Bank holiday rate: £100 (24hr)

We aim to be with all clients in under an hour but we are usually with you in approximately half an hour, so you aren't kept waiting too long.

What we offer:

We give you peace of mind when you need it most
Losing your keys, being burgled or just locking yourself out is usually a pretty unsettling experience and for many people it is much more traumatic. We can get you into your home again quickly if you're locked out or fix any damage and secure your property to very significantly reduce your chances of being burgled again. All our work is guaranteed and insured so you can be confident in the quality of  work we do for you.

Non-Destructive Entry is our speciality
We'll always do our best to open your locks by picking or bypassing the lock. Our success rate is well over 90% so you can be confident in our skills. Our very last resort is to drill the lock, NOT like many locksmiths who will quote a very low call out fee but then drill the lock and sting you for the (very overpriced) lock replacement when you haven't got any alternative option. If we have to drill a cylinder lock that isn't faulty we'll replace it for FREE.

No Hidden fees
Before we begin any work we'll quote you a total price based on your requirements and stick to it. Remember our lockout fees are fixed, 24hrs a day and you can pay by credit card (plus a small fee), cheque or cash.

We guarantee to beat the price of any genuine quote from a National company for lock replacements or lock opening *
Several national companies are charging over £150 just to let you in, and that is before any out-of-hours premium fee and the cost of locks they damage is added to your bill!

Price Comparison -
urgent lockout in Clifton, Bristol, weekday at 11pm

Reactfast: £98.10 per hour or part of hour + parts + VAT
                = £115 per hour just to get you in
                plus a new lock to pay for if they damage yours.

Liberty Secure Locksmiths: £60 all inclusive. No hourly rate, no call out fee, no vat to add and a free replacement rim cylinder if your lock isn't faulty but has to be drilled open. Just a nice simple flat rate of £60 in the week and £80 at weekends. We're fully insured and all work is guaranteed too.


We prioritise clients based on vulnerability, much like breakdown services. We take into account factors such as:

  • Time of day or night,

  • Weather conditions,

  • Age,

  • Alone / with children


* Reactfast pricing information as published online on Reactfast website, May 2007